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Why Should I Join Sigma Alpha Mu?

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Attending college is more than a formal education. It's getting along through good times and bad. It's facing new challenges and frustrations. It's discovering your place in a larger world. It's memories indelibly etched in your mind for a lifetime.

Sigma Alpha Mu can play an important part in making your college experience positive, fulfilling, and rewarding. Sigma Alpha Mu nurtures individuality while providing greater opportunities for friendship, education, service, and leadership. Sigma Alpha Mu is continuity. It's yesterday with its traditions and goals carried on from generations past. It's today as a home away from home and a center for your college activities. It's tomorrow as a creator of friendships and ideals that will last your whole life through.


Sigma Alpha Mu is an international fraternity with chapters spread across the United States and Canada. While its members are diverse, they share certain ideals in common. With genuine friendship there develops, among men, a common cause that brings out their best.

Membership in Sigma Alpha Mu has been an important part in the lives of tens of thousands of men. As you learn more about Sigma Alpha Mu, we hope you will consider the part it can play in your life. Below are some of the advantages of joining Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.

The academic portion of your university career is one significant determinant in your future success. The primary purposes of the fraternity system is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members. Just over 50% of students in universities end up graduating. However, if you belong to a fraternity, your chances of graduating increase to over 70%! Fraternity members help each other to succeed!

Almost always, a perspective employer will peruse your resume, looking for any type of community involvement. An employee, active in the community, will radiate that same good will to his coworkers, and in turn, create a better image for his company. You need philanthropy involvement on your resume. In a fraternity, you are commonly exposed to the community through United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and countless other community organizations. The fraternity is an excellent way for you to donate your time for a good cause.

Athletics, and physical fitness are an essential part of your well being. Alone, it can be a challenge to gather a group of individuals to compete in campus athletic events such as intramurals. However, fraternities thrive on intramurals, and all areas of physical well being. As a member of a fraternity athletic team, you will learn the pride accompanied with sportsmanship, team spirit, and competition.

In Sigma Alpha Mu, you will be given countless opportunities to lead individuals. Everyone in a fraternity is a leader. By being an officer, an executive, a committee chairperson, or just a participant, you are setting an example for others to follow. You learn by doing. Through your positions, you learn how to manage money, run effective meetings, speak in public, and motivate others. These are some of the skills that will benefit you during your college years, and will follow you through your entire life. In today's world, it takes more than a degree to get ahead. Employers want to hire those with quality leadership experience. In Sigma Alpha Mu, you have a chance to hone your leadership skills before you enter the "Real World."


Brotherhood is what truly sets fraternities apart from other organizations. In fact, brotherhood is the foundation of the Sammy experience. Brotherhood combines every person's individuality within the framework of mutual cooperation toward specific goals. As a fraternity brother you will form friendships unlike any found in other organizations. Brotherhood is by no means conformity. No fraternity is made up of members who are exactly alike. By choosing to become a member of a fraternity, you will meet brothers who grow to become your closest friends; those who will cheer you on when you're successful and who will support you when you are not.

No matter if you have graduated and are searching for career employment, or simply trying to find a summer job, in today's market, you need networking. The majority of the available jobs never even get advertised in newspapers or job postings because most firms choose to hire within. A fraternity is the best way to get a foot in the proverbial door. A fraternity with strong ties to its Alumni will have a number of connections in a diverse number of fields. They may be able to help you find that job you're looking for.

Assume you're planning a trip to another city in the United States. You need a place to stay, but since you're like most college students, you don't have a lot of money to spend. Fraternity membership allows you to travel to other fellow chapter houses to meet brothers and have a place to stay for free! When you arrive at another Sammy house, although you may have never met these brothers before, you have a fraternal bond, and you're more than just a guest in their home, you're their brother!

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